TIK TOK vs. TOK TIK. Selling TokTik.com today given TikTok’s uncertain future is my best bet. TikTok was the 3rd largest ad platform on the internet a month ago – and today its enormous client base is fracturing

If each arrow above represented AT LEAST 100 Million Tik Tok users, this picture understates how many Tik Tok users are now looking for a similar or like app –That is NOT based in China! The opportunity with TOK TIK is clear when you look at the SEO NUMBERS from a never developed name!


The “Big Picture” focus on this quick 40 day journey (admin and MSFT will decide what they are doing) is to try and make $500,000 on a name I have held for 8 years – waiting for a moment JUST like this.

I know most of the traditional ways to sell URLS – but I find them very boring. Why not get personal – so get ready!

A small but dedicated group of people are growing their revenue wins in this arena due to their successes. I will share some important ‘tricks of the trade’ and links for you to get started  if you are interested in being a Domainer.. 


Is our world changing so fast that you feel like your head is spinning sometimes? Take a breath, relax, and regain your footing.

The SEO Numbers (for TOKTIK.com) and What India is Doing demonstrates a HUGE Business Potential:

I have owned TokTik.com for 8 years – along with 1200 Domains. Two days I Googled TokTik and was shocked to see India has already got TokTik (india) and is pulling in a bundle of the wayward TokTik users from China.

Somebody should be doing this in the US. Why? Turns out the Global Community does not distinguish between TIKTOK or TOKTIK for the most part! And if you did not want to develop the site (TokTik.com) My God — what a pointer site! JUST LOOK AT THE SEO NUMBERS!

Remember – I have not even attempted to develop this domain for 8 years! Tok Tik shows great numbers merely based on the users putting up videos etc on TOKTIK.com!!

LOOK AT THE SEO NUMBERS ON TOKTIK ABOVE!- never developed. I own TOKTIK.com — and am putting it up for sale!

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