TODAY – NOV 11 2020 – THE LAST BID IN COUNTEROFFER OF 26 BIDS WAS $1000 SO I MOVED IT TO 7 DAY AUCTION IN GO DADDY AUCTION SECTION (Starting bid should be $1000 as I AM SEEKING a better bid – but do not have a floor or reserve).

Reach Me at 319-981-3311 or Hardline (no SMS) at 505-954-1772. 1st Decision to begin selling 1000 URLS been holding 8 years. Any suggestions about how to present URLS for sale are welcome!

TokTik is spelled using the same two 3 letter words that identify TikTok! This results in thousands of SEARCH RESULTS – 18,000 average unique users per month!

This image of toktik and the earth suggests tok tik traffic numbers correlate with booming popularity of China's tiktok app
TokTik is now offered on Go Daddy’s auction site, soon to be upgraded
We Like all the confusion and uncertainty related to Tik Tok!

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*See disclosure at bottom of page – SEO Quake screenshot from 8-9-20 can be found in the auction section of Go – HERE

Toktik is for sale for the first time in 8 years and represents a huge opportunity due to its SERP numbers and domain rankings. As long as people are searching for TikTok, TokTik is certain to see a nice stream of traffic.

A developer of TokTik could bring significant unique traffic to launch an initial project.  TokTik could also be used as a pointer site. India is developing TokTik (India) as a direct alternative to China’s Tiktok (India tossed out some 90 Chinese apps earlier this year).

The TikTok app is still owned by the Chinese company Bytedance. It is one of the most valuable applications created by Chinese developers. Many US tech experts call attention to the fact that China banned Facebook and numerous other of the largest US tech companies, which allowed TikTok to grow unchecked and spread into the US.

It’s anyone’s guess what the final disposition of TikTok will be — and with the President now hospitalized, I think it is safe to assume this deals long as that’s unknown and the app remains popular, Tok Tik will see unique search traffic.

Just look at the number of hashtags across all major platforms that are labeled under TokTik.

ReesNetworks has decided to sell TOK TIK – and hundreds of other domains – so that our company can focus on a manageable number of projects. We believe TokTik could be a domain of reasonable value for an entity with a creative vision related to taking advantage of a name with built-in traffic.

See the SEOquake summary from August on TokTik. Note that since the TokTik domain has been developed (altered) in past weeks by us, SEO numbers (hits) have changed due to Rees Networks using the domain to advertise the sale – so please do your own research. The numbers below are for a 1 year SEO Quake run from August, 2020. The conversion numbers are explained in a brief post.